Yonsei University Industrial Engineering Camp

From 3rd of August to 4th of August, I was in Yonsei University Songdo International Campus. It was my first time to visit Songdo – a reclaimed city on the east side of Incheon metropolitan city.

Yonsei Songdo.jpg
Yonsei University Songdo International Campus

There was a camp in International campus. It was ‘3rd Industrial Engineering Camp’ and I have handed in my application to attend the camp. There were 12 groups with 5 students and a tutor in each group. I was in Group 7, with another 2 boys, 2 girls and a tutor who is an Yonsei Univ. Industrial Engineering freshman. The schedule was revealed few days before the first day. The camp began with the lecture given by one of the professors of the industrial engineering. He talked about what is industrial engineering and how it is used in our everyday life. After that, we had lunch and unpacked luggage in the dorm. Then we had recreation – two groups compete each other moving one room to another where different games are prepared. When we all finished the games, we headed back to the auditorium and had student lectures followed by dinner. On the evening, the theme of the competition was revealed, and each group had their own places to write about the main theme. The theme was ‘Define the queueing theory in a place and use AHP(Analytic Hierarchy Process) to solve the problem.’ My group decided to talk about the factory and how the theme can be used to improve the conditions. My group had decided to make a presentation like a news programme from the television. We also had a bonus credit question to solve the minimum cost of supply of books from three different places to another three different places.

The presentation was on the next afternoon. All twelve groups presented what they all had done for hours. We had a successful presentation, and also submitted the bonus credit work. In the end, my group managed to win the competition. As a prize, we received a notepad with Yonsei University written on it. Here are some views of Yonsei University Songdo International Campus.


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