MSG on its sale for the first time

MSG(Mad Scientists’ Group) had went on sale from 15th of June to 16th of June. MSG is an experiment based science group founded by myself and my friends. Every Thursday, we have a meeting in Mr.Curtis’s room, one of our chemistry teacher and discuss about some principles or go through experiments.

What had happened from 15th of June until the next day was we sold ice cream using dry ice. Before we started selling dry ice ice cream, we went through some experiments to find out how to make ice cream in more efficient way. We had already ordered 30kg of dry ice. What we did was to choose whether to make an ice cream literally by using dry ice or using dry ice to freeze milk. After few experiments, we decided to use dry ice to freeze milk. We needed two bowls, a hammer, a block of dry ice, enough milk and condensed milk with oreo cookies and ethanol. First, put a block of dry ice in one of the bowl and grind it finely using a hammer. On the other bowl, pour milk about 5 cm high, put some crushed oreo cookies and condensed milk and mix them with whipper. When grinding and mixing are done, put enough ethanol just over the height of crushed dry ice and put the other bowl on it and whip the mixture until it freezes. As ethanol and dry ice makes the temperature to drop to -72 degrees Celsius, and the mixture starts to freeze. When the mixture is frozen, use spoons or scoops to take them off from the bowl.

We planned the sales on Arts Week, which is the last week of the school year and societies and clubs are allowed to hold activities or sell goods. We had rented a Halla square, which is right next to the canteen and sold a cup of ice cream from 12 to 1:30. It was a hard work to sell ice cream for two days and thankfully, some friends who are not in our group had kindly helped us. Here are some pictures of selling ice creams.

One of our member using scoop to take of frozen ice cream.
Members and my friends making ice cream.
We did not expect to sell this much, but in total, we sold about 80 cups of ice cream.


15th of June Credit Cash Total 175500
38000 71500 109500
16th of June Credit Cash Total
22000 44000 66000

This shows our sales for two days and it was quite successful. All the calculations are done in Korean won. After we had calculated money spent for resources, we made 93,500 won of profit.

MSG will continue experiments when new school year begins, and will upload videos through facebook and youtube.


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