English literature society – community service translation

I am a member of English Literature society since Year 10. Briefly speaking, as a member of English Literature society, I took part in a drama night that was conducted by the society as a script writer and narrator. This drama(it is not a drama performing on stage, but we take our audience through different places to solve a mysterious event) was performed on one of the night of Arts week(the last week of each school year. Usually 2nd week of June).

This afternoon, I had a meeting with a chair and two other members for our community service. Few months ago, we had sent our application form to ADRF(Africa Asia Development Relief Foundation) and passed the statements. What we should do is to translate Korean fairy tales to English for a child that was chosen. Each member of a group should translate three books.

We booked one of the rooms in TOZ(place where we rent rooms and give fees) and spent 5 hours working on translation. I brought “7 ladies”, one member brought “Rubber shoe train” and another member brought “Cloud Bread.”

A book that I brought – “7 ladies”

What we did was we all created a separate document, typed all sentences in books which was Korean and translated sentence by sentence. Then we upload the first draft, saved in document file and one of member whose role is to make corrections correct every file and upload them again. When we all had corrected version of translation documents, we delete all Korean sentences, put the translated versions into each box page by page and print them. Then we cut the boxes, and stick them on books. Today, we did one book each, there is two more to go.

Final draft of translation. The boxes were trimmed and stuck in a book.



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