Gapa Island – Carbon Free Island

Last Sunday(18th of June), my family and I visited Gapa Island, which is a very small island(0.9 ㎢)below Jeju. Gapa Island is 2.2km below Jeju and 7 km above Mara Island, which is South Korea’s southernmost point. To talk about Gapa Island’s geological features, it is quite flat island as its highest peak is 20.5m high, without any mountain hills. This feature is an advantage to the development of agriculture in lonely island and resulted in green barley fields.

To get to Gapa Island from Jeju, we needed to take a ship. As we got off the ship, we have found a bike rent shop. As both my parents were willing to walk around the island, my sister and I rented one each. We followed the coastal road and noticed Gapa Island’s coasts are all rocky.

Gapa Island’s coasts are rocky.

From a junction where it says you can walk Olle Tail 10-1, we turned left and walked Olle Trail. Olle Trail led us to the mid island area and showed green barley fields, an elementary school and the village, southern part of an island where most people seemed to live.

Red line shows the path that my family traveled. We started from the port and walked anti-clockwise. We had lunch at the southern village of the island.

When we got to the village, the clock was pointing nearly 12 o’clock. Gapa Island is famous for green barley and some seafood. There is a restaurant serving black bean noodles(jajangmyeon) and spicy seafood noodles(jjamppong) with seafood. Noodles were not ordinary noodles – they were green barley noodles. This made noodles taste even better.

Black bean noodles(Left) and Spicy seafood noodles(right).
Cooked murex. I tasted a small piece of it and gave rest of murex to my sister.

Until then, I did not notice Gapa Island was the world’s first carbon free island. From September of 2012, Gapa Island can supply 100% of its electric power demand by renewable energies – mainly by solar power and wind power.

Wind power generators.

Gapa Island’s wind power generators are able to produce more(250kW) than island’s maximum electric power record which is 224kW. Moreover, islanders are provided 7 electric cars to share.

Gapa Island’s electric car.

One significant thing that I felt on the island was I could not find any dirt from the island. Wherever you go, it is normal to see dirt on a place or an object if it is not usually visited or used, but that was not the case here. I can bet you that you will never, ever find dirt on this island.

Gapa Island’s beautiful scenery.



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